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genea_maureen New Zealand All genealogists use maps. Read this: From Ptolemy to GPS, the brief history of maps via @SmithsonianMag Genealogist, family historian, researcher, teacher - New Zealand, England, Ireland, USA & POWs in Italy and Germany.
dada78641 ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ this is where the Google Street View car decided "yeah fuck it we don't need anymore data from here" 英語 ・ オランダ語 ・ 日本語 ・ Programmer ・ MAKING STUFF EVERY DAY ・ ♬ ピアノ♩♫ ・ ・ ⑂⑄⑅⑀⑁⑉⑇⑅⑆⑁⑅⑊⑇⑊⑄⑇⑅⑂⑈⑆
GruntOfAction Georgia, USA @Calico_Kai It's why I disabled Google maps from using GPS, it never stopped telling me to leave reviews for places… Guitar player and beginner voice actor.
life_adverse mainly real world; I think! #SamsungS8 Smart lock would be fantastic if gps knew where phone is: •5klm error! I live on a boat & 'maps' need street address. Why? Greatest achievement: being conceived; & rumour has it, I did s.f.a there. Qualities: selfish coward & fool. Distractions: rhyming words!
LootHive Bloomington, MN Get to you destination quickly and safely with Loot Hive, we have the best deals on GPS units!… We sell new, refurbished and used consumer goods. We offer all of our items at well below retail, so follow us for cheap loot! #eBayseller #Amazonseller
SmielyKhurana Vancouver, British Columbia Am I the only one that prefers road maps over a GPS? ☺️ #roadtrips 🚗🗻🌎 be a voice, not an echo. Filmmaker/Photographer
TravelingHN Tegucigalpa, Honduras Traveling & driving! Bring your #Garmin #GPS & buy #Belize #Honduras #CostaRica #Panama #Guatemala maps at The best travel advice for Honduras, we distribute GPS maps to drive in Honduras
yannix3__ dirty jersey Wanda said "what we need maps for?! We got gps!" 😂😂😂 *Rolls eyes and pops gum*
BoutiqueBV Garmin Nuvi55LMT 5 Inch GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic Updates #Garmin via @eBay Obsessed with fashion and ebay! I love shopping and bring cool and stylish items to my customers.
katsav Strathblane, Scotland @charliedwatson @amagpieinthesky @shurcomb Sorry to butt that! Similar to what we had, tables were named a… Prefer swimming in lochs, cycling up hills and running on trails.
unadinik Ярославль gps maps download #twiby Три грации
jose3030 District of Columbia, USA Here is the GPS Coordinates if you'd like to visit
GOMusicVideos GREAT DEAL! Hkhonda for Skoda Octavia Rapid 2013 - 2014 Car DVD Player GPS Navigation 3g Wifi Sd Card with Maps Popular music videos, direct to your feed!

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