More about Images to upload with your Tour.

More about Images to upload with your Tour.

We want to display your fabulous image at the top of the page where you see our current photo banner. So in an ideal world you would crop and shrink your image down to 900 pixels by 225 pixels. You could do this using some free software like Picasa, or some very expensive software like Photoshop.

Of course we realise that this is NOT an ideal world, so the second best option would be for you to upload any size picture you like and we will wrangle it into shape! Put simply we will take a slice across the middle.

You can speed up the whole process by using pictures that are reduced in size, as if you were going to email them to someone.

More tips on images …
1) Do not upload naked images of yourself, or anyone else for that matter … unless of course they are extremely attractive.
2) Our site name will appear in the top left corner, so leave a bit of sky for us to fill up.
3) Currently there is no way to change this image, so make sure you are uploading the right one.

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